Club Membership

Membership Fee

The membership fee is 66 € per year. Of this, 23 € will be forwarded to the German Karate Federation (DKV) and 3.10 € to the Badischer Sportbund. New members without a DKV card will be charged an additional 10 € for the issuance of a pass, which will be charged together with the membership fee.
The payment of the club fee is exclusively by direct debit, corresponding forms are available from the board of executives or trainers. Debit date for the following year is usually Dec 12th of a given year. Accordngly, the termination of the membership and the change of the bank account must arrive by Dec 15th of a given year in writing (also by e-mail) to the board of executives.

You can find our admission form here.

Participation in the University Sports of the University / PH Heidelberg

Since we train within the framework of the university sports of the university / PH Heidelberg, their regulations apply to the participation in the university sport, which results in the following additional costs:

  • Students:
    Participation is free. The eligibility for university sports is shown with the valid student ID.
  • Staff of the university / PH Heidelberg:
    Participation is free. The eligibility for university sports will be shown with the employee ID card (available at the University sports office of the ISSW, fee 5 € per semester).
  • Guests:
    Participation is subject to a charge. The eligibility for the university sports is proven with a guest card, which is available at the University sports office for 20 €. In addition, a user fee of 120 € for the duration of one semester, € euros for a period of one year has to be paid. Of course, a non-binding trial training session is free.

For more information visit the University Sports Homepage of the ISSW (Institute for Sports and Sports Science) of Heidelberg University / PH Heidelberg.


All important information about the club can be found in the club statutes.